Private view in London

My 3 pieces at ‘Faith in the City’ exhibition, Red Gallery, London: ‘Maltese Cross’, ‘Barbed Cross’ (two smaller square ones) and ‘Rub el Hizb’ (square one on the right). A relief to see them up unscathed: last week was a flurry of work with a 16-hour day finishing ‘Rub el Hizb’. This piece is a print which has been finished by hand with gold ink, a process which took 3 days in total to complete and became something akin to meditation. What was on one level a mechanical, linear process to get to an obvious outcome (covering the white specks in the image), became on another level a ritualistic, cyclical process of relation and unrelation. At various points I felt like I was dissolving – something to do with physical perspective and engagement with the paper, but also to do with a release from thinking (yet bound by something programmatic) and a tuning into process. Looking at it now, it has the feeling of a mirage, something trembling like a spider-web, with a lattice of representation that promises something at the same time as it falls apart. I’m not showing a better photo because it can’t capture this – or at least, I haven’t found a way for it to do so. The symbol is a reference to the Quran, where it’s used to show the division of sections of writing.

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