Bristol Through the Lens at St George’s

Cabot Tower Through the Circling Seasons

The last of my three main shows on during the Bristol Festival of Photography is now open at St George’s Bristol. Bristol Through the Lens features 25 pieces celebrating the Bristol landscape, primarily through digital collages of photographs taken at different times of day/year. My book Bristol Through the Lens: An Exhibition and An Essay is also on sale during the show. Displayed in The Crypt Gallery, the venue is open with the box office and bar 90 minutes before all concerts – which normally means from 5.30/6pm and the occasional lunchtime.

From the press release:

‘The work explores the landscape as a changing, animated scene, bringing life to familiar landmarks such as Cabot Tower, Queen Square and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  Like Monet’s series paintings, they form individual studies of the kaleidoscopic effect of place over a period of time, revealing its capacity to evoke a myriad of emotive and even spiritual connections. Repeated looking is also part of our biology and reveals much about our physical connection to landscape. All of this interconnectedness offers ways to reinvigorate the window-world of photography, not least by bringing the aesthetic of cubism and impressionism into the frame.

‘Also accompanying the pieces in the exhibition are a selection of photographs from Sheona’s Bridge series. These simple, distilled shots of Clifton Suspension Bridge and the two Severn Bridges in different weathers bring a quiet, mystical element to the show, complementing the colourful collages.’

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