6 C-type prints mounted behind acrylic
40cm x 40cm each
maquette for sculptural display Dicing with 6 Days of Uncreation

Exhibited at The Glass Room, Bristol Beacon; the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol (where the series was shortlisted for the RGB Awards); and Sarum College, Salisbury. Part of Elemental.

This series of composite photography builds a fracturing picture of global habitats, earth as humankind has found and used it. It is also a visual reading of the narrative perspectives in Genesis 1-3: ‘The world is orderly, coherent, beautifully patterned, and at the same time it is a shifting tangle of resources and topography, both a mainstay and a baffling challenge to humanity’ (Robert Alter).

Notebook Spotlight: 8 July 2012

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