Inkjet print on acrylic, with lightbox mounting and painted extrusion
150cm x 150cm (print)

Commissioned by Trinity College Bristol during Sheona Beaumont’s year as Artist-in-Residence.

With inspiration from: the Compass Rose of the Anglican Communion; the Octagonal Church, Capernaum; Mary Watt’s Cemetery Chapel, Surrey; the Ruthwell Cross and apse, Dumfriesshire; and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem.

The crowning piece of the year has been the back-lit, perspex artwork Sheona has produced for our newly refurbished chapel, a photograph of the woods behind the chapel with a central cross shape, which adorns the celling space and draws gasps of wonder and appreciation from all who come into the space. It is truly a glimpse of the kingdom. 

Revd Dr Emma Ineson, Principal

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