Begin at the beginning

Over 8 months of maternity leave and I’m about to jump in to work again. That’s a long time on the pause button. What will fill the space on the board? Where to start? 10 things are circling, so I’ll let you know which ones land, which fly off, and which I get into almighty wrestling matches with. Joy to be creating again!

2 thoughts on “Begin at the beginning”

  1. The job of creating never stopped….Amelie has and will be the main benefactor of your creative input for a long time to come!
    P.s I’d love to meet up and see physically how you work, I desperately need to get some space sorted and begin to create outside of my children. I’m sure there is more to come, I need help!

    1. Thanks Robyn. I hold very much to the view that getting my own time back helps me to give more to Amelie – even if on paper it’s less. Quality over quantity in a way! It was a step and half to make that choice, but I also felt like I almost had no option. I couldn’t not find space and time to work – maybe your ‘desperately’ is like that too? You’re welcome to come and see the study/studio/spare room where I work, maybe Facebook me to arrange something. It would be great to catch up.

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