The Annunciation’s inspiration

My Christmas card for 2012 features words from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke and some details of Fra Angelico’s famous fresco – a confluence of ideas from the same titles, but disparate elements coming to the fore. Rilke’s poem, Annunciation, of 1899, is a beautiful, bewitching expression of the angel’s point of view. It […]

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A fractured natural theology

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: 6 Days of Uncreation The text that follows is an edited version of a presentation of my first year’s doctoral research, in which I discussed my photographic series 6 Days of Uncreation. This series of composite photography builds a fracturing picture of global habitats, earth as humankind has found and used it. It

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Manifesto for the arts

My summary points from a talk given to the spouses of vicars-in-training earlier this week: Art is not just decoration for the more serious business of the Word – background visual element to church life. Art is part of the Word. Incarnational, material. Christ is the image of God, holding everything that is created together.

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Interfaith art competition entry

This is one of my submissions to an art competition run by the Three Faiths Forum in London this month. It’s a template for a print that will have gold detail in some of the fire-trails – I’m about to discover the techniques involved in using laser-cutting to create a stencil, followed by the application

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Where is God in contemporary art?

Has he retreated to the safer places for conventional religious art, like above an altar or in the carefully crafted designs of church kneelers? Is he buried somewhere in the easy appropriation of sign and symbol, or Biblical reference? Does he speak through artists’ attempts to reference the spiritual, even if they don’t know what

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