Interfaith art competition entry

This is one of my submissions to an art competition run by the Three Faiths Forum in London this month. It’s a template for a print that will have gold detail in some of the fire-trails – I’m about to discover the techniques involved in using laser-cutting to create a stencil, followed by the application of spray/glitter. The Star of David is revealed in a blaze of kaleidoscopic fire and cloud, referring to the guidance received by the Israelites from Yahweh during their wanderings in the Sinai Desert. Guidance is often sought in the heavens in early religions, from the alignment of stars to weather patterns. Here I wanted to pull that down to an earthy connection with the land, to a viewpoint that shifts between the two perspectives, and so conflates the immanence of Yahweh to both within and around. The pattern is about the formation of purpose and hope for a chosen people, even in the midst of confusion and a seemingly never-ending journey.

Header image: Star of David, 2011, by Sheona Beaumont.

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