Notebook spotlight

It’s all about the view. These are my own image spotlights, bringing my working and thinking practice into focus: how I made specific pieces, and what ideas I brought into the frame.

Lenticular lenses in view

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Genesis and The New Passage Genesis was created from 60 photographs, taken from incrementally different angles, of butterfly wings suspended in a fish tank; The New Passage was created from 12 photographs taken at half-hour intervals from this spot on the Severn Estuary, UK. In each case the images are interlaced by a computer programme which […]

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Running the script for a blueprint Bible

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Scriptorium The text below is adapted from publication in ‘Photography as the Bible’s New Illumination’, in Transforming Christian Thought in the Visual Arts: Theology, Aesthetics, and Practice (Routledge, 2021), pp.55-58; and also from VT Issue 1, pp.16-17. Scriptorium consists of sixty-five pages of unbound biblical text, printed white on blue with the cyanotype

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Dreaming of the resurrection

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Natal I almost don’t know how to write. It’s Holy Week (or Still Week, as in Denmark; or Suffering Week, Germany). This year, more than most, I find myself small in the face of Christendom’s elegiac, centuries’ old commemoration of Jesus’ last hours. I’m feeling it partly because of my husband’s seried, close

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A sacred canopy in college

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Canopy Compass Rose A church or chapel speaks of orientation.  Through the language of architecture, aspect, and direction, you are invited to reorient yourself with the divine.  Here in Trinity College’s Chapel, the late 18th century Grade II listed building only became a space for collective worship in the 1960s, and prior to this it was

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Finding Freedom in Bristol

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Finding Freedom Originally produced for the Corner Art Prize 2001, where this piece won First Prize. Held at Church on the Corner in Islington, London, the competition asked for visual or sculptural responses to the following Bible passage, Matthew 6: 19-21: Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust

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A fractured natural theology

NOTEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: 6 Days of Uncreation The text that follows is an edited version of a presentation of my first year’s doctoral research, in which I discussed my photographic series 6 Days of Uncreation. This series of composite photography builds a fracturing picture of global habitats, earth as humankind has found and used it. It

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