Lambda prints mounted behind a perspex lenticular lens
Genesis: 60cm x 80cm
The New Passage: 130cm x 30cm

Produced as part of Sheona Beaumont’s Elemental series, during her doctoral studies at the University of Gloucestershire. First shown at Glenfall House, Cheltenham during the University’s international symposium on the Bible and Spirituality, 2012. Genesis also featured as an altarpiece in St Stephen’s Church Bristol, during their Easter celebrations in 2012, and The New Passage was included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014.

Genesis was created from 60 photographs, taken from incrementally different angles, of butterfly wings suspended in a fish tank; The New Passage was created from 12 photographs taken at half-hour intervals from this spot on the Severn Estuary, UK. In each case the images are interlaced by a computer programme which creates a file for printing and mounting behind a Perspex lens. The lens is a ridged sheet, whose ridges (or corrugations) affect the passage of light reflected by its surface in such a way as to recreate a stereoscopic effect: human eyes see in stereo, …

Notebook Spotlight: 26 September 2022

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