Sneak preview of new work ‘Cloud’

Work can be so confusing. I can spend hours trying to pin down, pull out, work through, and emerge frustrated from one particular focus, only to find that another piece resolves itself in the space of a couple of minutes when I wasn’t even looking. This piece was originally a greyed-out dud of a firework photo, but a sequence of Photoshop steps, including flipping, rotating, levelling and blending seemed to pull something ‘other’ out of the bag. Like it wasn’t even me.

It’s called Cloud because it’s one of 4 square pieces about each of the elements – forthcoming show for those who’ve noticed. This is air in the biblical sense of God’s presence – a transfiguring, divine presence, where mountaintop cloud has something of the celestial and the explosive about it. The ‘not seeing’ in a cloud can paradoxically be about revelation: fullness of space is about fullness of reality. I like that.

I’m also trying to link each of these pieces with T. S. Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’ – they are based on the elements. This is hard going, as Eliot in places is. Watch this space…

Header image: Cloud (work in progress), 2011, by Sheona Beaumont.

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