Eadweard Muybridge reflections

Muybridge: a 19th century, postmodern photographer. Comparing his work to that of his contemporary Carleton E. Watkins, Rebecca Solnit (with acknowledgement to Mark Klett’s remarks about the ‘composed’ modernism of Watkins’ photographs) writes: Muybridge, even when photographing almost exactly the same subjects, could not be more different. In his sensibility, the world is all but […]

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7 Reasons why I’m a John Piper fan

(This by way of a personal response to both Frances Spalding’s John Piper, Myfanwy Piper: Lives in Art (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009) and the exhibition John Piper and the Church at Dorchester Abbey, 21/04/12 – 10/06/12) Piper was a writer before he was an artist. His pre-war work (after a failed solicitor’s training, and

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