Interfaith art competition entry

This is one of my submissions to an art competition run by the Three Faiths Forum in London this month. It’s a template for a print that will have gold detail in some of the fire-trails – I’m about to discover the techniques involved in using laser-cutting to create a stencil, followed by the application […]

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Where is God in contemporary art?

Has he retreated to the safer places for conventional religious art, like above an altar or in the carefully crafted designs of church kneelers? Is he buried somewhere in the easy appropriation of sign and symbol, or Biblical reference? Does he speak through artists’ attempts to reference the spiritual, even if they don’t know what

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Mark Fairhurst review

These 22 framed pictures of church/cathedral architecture open a world on pattern and symmetry. If I was to conjure up the heavy solid stone vaulting and the expanse of cavernous space that I feel in cathedrals, this is how I’d frame it. Kaleidoscope and repetition bring balance to something that’s as much about the experience

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Vanishing Landscapes

Landscape can provide a healing element, and the gulf between nature and civilisation that has been exacerbated by industrialization becomes bearable… Landscape becomes the window of our relationship with reality, images of landscape becoming a reflection on ourselves… When photographs reproduce a landscape, they show us what is different about it, what separates it from

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Getting my hands dirty

Content and form are not as romantic as you might think, when getting down to making work about nature. It’s messy. Ideas get tangled, over-evolved, and you lose your neat camera-eyed perception. Backtracks, cover-ups, false-starts tumble into the day’s progression – I’d forgotten how mixed up you can feel. And landscapes don’t fit the frame

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Begin at the beginning

Over 8 months of maternity leave and I’m about to jump in to work again. That’s a long time on the pause button. What will fill the space on the board? Where to start? 10 things are circling, so I’ll let you know which ones land, which fly off, and which I get into almighty

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