Lomo cameras and the Beaumonts

The above image has been selected for an exhibition of Lomo photography, at the Grain Barge, 16th May – 2nd June. Also called lomography, pictures taken with Lomo cameras delight in the quirks of film-based photography, especially when accentuated by multiple lenses, colour flash-fills, fish-eye and many other effects. The photo here was taken with an ActionSampler camera: a camera with 4 small lenses on the front, whose shutters open in sequence in the space of one second.

Lomo cameras embrace the amateur handling of picture-taking, when you can’t operate with precision – the viewfinders can be as low-tech as a mini rectangular pop-up frame positioned on top of the camera. I often use mine without knowing what exactly I’m pointing at – to be honest, there’s not much point trying. Here, I’m in the picture at the far right, which was mostly accidental, though it does highlight the impossibility of my jumping in the pool – there’s no edge near enough.

Credit should be given to my friend Helen Madden, who took the photo in Kenya, Nairobi, 2010. We were waiting for the Iceland volcano to blow over, and found time to get some swimming in. Thank you Helen for your canny eye – the photo’s yours after the show if you want it! Other entries included: Adam in the same pool, and daughter Amelie at home in Bristol, both with my Fisheye Lomo…

Header image: Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?, 2010, by Helen Madden.

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