Launch night at The Glass Room, Colston Hall

A fabulous evening last night at the opening preview of my show The Colour of Landscape with Walter Dirks at the Glass Room, Colston Hall. Followed swiftly by a look-in at the Grant Bradley Gallery’s RGB Finalists Show, where my Dicing with 6 Days of Uncreation had been shortlisted for Best Set of Images from over 1,000 entries. Also complemented by a full-page spread in The Post about my ‘hat-trick’ of shows during the Bristol Festival of Photography. Phew!

The Colour of Landscape is on until 2nd June – do go and visit. There’s a brilliance in the saturation and quality of prints-behind-acrylic, which links and sets off our work. From the press release:

“Sheona Beaumont and Walter Dirks present photographic work exploring the rich, colourful and diverse landscapes of our planet. Their images range from global habitats to details of flora and fauna, combining awe-inspiring visions of nature-at-large and nature-up-close.

“Images of landscapes are often held to be emotive and personally meaningful: memory, document, evocation of situation, expression, spirit, wonder are all levels of meaning given to photographs taken of particular places. In this exhibition, two photographers draw on both their local connections to Bristol and their experiences living and travelling abroad, to consider the photographed landscape as coloured with such meaning. Sheona Beaumont uses digital manipulation to create collaged or inverted scenes, often highlighting the spiritual dimension of our relation to our environment. Walter Dirks captures the beauty in simplicity, reflecting on an uncluttered way of seeing as much as on the subtle harmony of nature‚Äôs forms and colours. Together, they seek to re-enchant our looking and to celebrate the brilliance of the world around us.”

Header image: Preview night, The Glass Room, 2012.

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